Package thinwire.ui

Interface Summary
Component Component is the foundation of all visual objects in the framework.
Container<T extends Component> A Container is a Component that maintains a collection of other Components as a group.
DropDown.View<T extends Component>  
HierarchyComponent<HI extends HierarchyComponent.Item>  
HierarchyComponent.Item<H extends HierarchyComponent,I extends HierarchyComponent.Item>  

Class Summary
Application The Application class represents an instance of a ThinWire application.
Button A Button is a component that typically causes an action when activated.
CheckBox A CheckBox is a screen element that can either be checked or cleared, and operates independently of other elements.
DateBox A DateBox is a Component that displays a month-view calendar.
Dialog A Dialog is a window with a title that is usually associated to a Frame.
Divider A Divider provides a visual separation between two sections of a container.
DropDown<T extends Component> The generic DropDown component allows you to place an arbitrary component in a DropDown.
DropDown.AbstractView<T extends Component>  
DropDownDateBox A DropDownDateBox is a DropDown that contains a DateBox.
DropDownGridBox A DropDownGridBox wraps around a GridBox component to provide drop down features.
FileChooser A FileChooser is a Component that enables a user to upload a file.
FileChooser.FileInfo FileInfo is a class containing the name of the file uploaded and its InputStream.
Frame A Frame is the browser window.
GridBox A GridBox is a screen component that can display multi-column rows or data.
Hyperlink A Hyperlink is a screen component that acts like a standard hyperlink.
Image A component that displays an image.
Label A Label is the text that appears next to a control on a screen.
Menu A component that displays a set of hierarchical data as a menu.
Menu.Item An object that represents an item in a Menu component.
MessageBox A MessageBox displays a message (or a component) and allows a user to respond.
Panel Panel is a direct implementation of Container.
ProgressBar A ProgressBar is a screen element that has a visible selection that can be set to any size between zero and a specified length.
RadioButton A RadioButton is a screen element that usually appears in groups.
Slider A Slider is a screen element that has a cursor that can be set to any position between zero and a specified length.
TabFolder A container for Tab Sheets.
TabSheet A TabSheet is a Panel that can be layered, so that a user can switch between tab sheets.
TextArea This is a multiline text field screen element.
TextField This is a text field screen element.
Tree A component that displays a set of hierarchical data as an outline.
Tree.Item An object that represents an item in a Tree component.
WebBrowser A WebBrowser inserts a web browser object in your application.

Enum Summary
AlignTextComponent.AlignX AlignX handles text alignment in screen elements.

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